Choosing a Happy life.


Isn’t it weird, whenever we hear or read the word “attraction” it really attracts a part of our soul?

Why is it that we  like a certain color, certain person, or certain place? Maybe, Because it attracts us towards it. Or, maybe we are attracting it towards us.

Basically, as explained by “Rhonda Bryne”  in the book ” The Secret:


The life we are living, the problems we are facing, the happy moments we cherish are all which we choose, which we attract.

Funny! isn’t it? Afterall why anyone would call for problems in the journey of life.

Certainly, no one wants it but yet calls for it, we could thank to the fear maybe. Or maybe the pessimist old tired-child within us. Because who doesn’t wants to live a happy life, everyone thrives for it but it is the fear of uncertainty or the fear of loss which speculate our thoughts which we analyze excessively.  Is it necessary?

The thing which is necessary is to focus on the happiness, and the answer to live a happy life is to concentrate on happiness and positivity!! This easy? Can’t be, right?

Hmm, So it is really not that easy! Not for me at least..

For instance, we all have a friend who at a point of time goes through a breakup, and what do we advice them?  C’mon, just get over it, move on. She/He was not good for you, you should be happy it got over. Don’t think about it anymore.

Dont think about it anymore? Is it that easy? Is it easy to tell your brain what to think and what not to?

Because let’s be real! If we could do this, we definitely wouldn’t humming drake lyrics in maths classes all the time. IT IS NOT THAT EASY!

So what do we do? Well we can say that the best thing is we can go through it. We can do it, not easily, not in minutes but yeah we can do it.

Remember that point in your life when you were really sad actually very low, you were thinking that you might have depression and you were actually checking online the symptoms of it and some  actually had it. That time was really hard right? You thought you would never get free from it, you would never get through it, and it will always haunt you and stick with you like the Vodafone pug always stick with its owner!! But what happened? You just got through it. You are alive after all! You smirk at that thing now and remember how hard the situation was! But guess what? It didn’t kill you. You actually became stronger by that. Yes stronger by that, because you were already strong, it’s just you didn’t know it by then.

So, my dear friend. How ever the situation might turn up remember you are a fighter you have already fought problems before, when you were just strong, and now that you are stronger, “boy you can seize the world!” Just don’t lose hope and never give up!!


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